WordPress 导入工具的作者是wordpressdotorg,目前有4+ 百万个有效安装。已经Tested with 5.4.1版本的wordpress。
WordPress 导入工具将从WordPress导出文件导入以下内容:

Posts, pages and other custom post types
Comments and comment meta
Custom fields and post meta
Categories, tags and terms from custom taxonomies and term meta

For further information and instructions please see the documention on Importing Content.
The importer has a couple of filters to allow you to completely enable/block certain features:

import_allow_create_users: return false if you only want to allow mapping to existing users
import_allow_fetch_attachments: return false if you do not wish to allow importing and downloading of attachments
import_attachment_size_limit: return an integer value for the maximum file size in bytes to save (default is 0, which is unlimited)

There are also a few actions available to hook into:

import_start: occurs after the export file has been uploaded and author import settings have been chosen
import_end: called after the last output from the importer