SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle的作者是SiteOrigin,目前有1+ 百万个有效安装。已经Tested with 5.5版本的wordpress。
The SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle gives you a collection of widgets that you can use and customize. All the widgets are built on our powerful framework, giving you advanced forms, unlimited colours and 1500+ icons.
Widgets are great. No matter where you’re using them. In a Page Builder page or on your widgetized areas. It’s even compatible with other popular page building plugins.

The collection is growing, but here’s what we have so far.

Google Maps Widget that’s going places.
Button Widget that you’ll love to click.
Image Widget that’ll let you add images everywhere.
Call To Action Widget that’ll get your users performing the actions you want.
Slider Widget that slides images and HTML5 videos.
Price Table Widget that’ll help you sell more.
Post Carousel Widget that displays your posts as a carousel.
Features Widget that lets you display a set of site or service features.
Video Widget to get your videos out there.
Headline Widget to get you noticed.
Social Media Buttons which link to all your social media profiles.
Accordion Widget to compress your content.
Contact Form Widget to let people know you care.
Editor Widget let’s you richly edit text anywhere.
Hero Widget that’ll save your site design.
Icon Widget for when only icons will do.
Image Grid Widget that’ll let you add images everywhere… in a grid.
Layout Slider Widget lets you build layouts on slides using SiteOrigin Page Builder.
Masonry Widget to add images in a masonry layout.
Tabs Widget that’ll let you group content into tabbed sections.
Taxonomy Widget to display the selected taxonomy for the current post.
Testimonials Widget to show people what your users/customers think of you.

Once you enable a widget, you’ll be able to use it anywhere standard widgets are used. You can manage your widgets by going to Plugins > SiteOrigin Widgets in your WordPress admin.
Documentation is available on SiteOrigin.
We offer free support on the SiteOrigin support forums.
Create Custom Widgets
The SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle is the perfect platform to build widgets for your theme or plugin. Read more on our developer docs.
1.17.0 – 22 May 2020

Simple Masonry: Added a preloader and related settings.
Post Carousel: Migrated to Slick Carousel.
Post Carousel: Added RTL support.
Icon: Added Title field.
Minor admin interface styling fixes.
Price Table: Added title for the feature hover text.
Testimonials: Added Equalize testimonial height setting.
Testimonials: Fixed user image alignment.
Switched to Wikimedia’s fork of less.php.
Added error suppression for external Less library.

1.16.1 – 20 April 2020

Accordion: When hiding panels, only search the current accordion and not nested accordions.
Slider Widgets: Removed slide navigation numbers from excerpt output.
Added support for custom icon styles.
Tabs: Fixed top/bottom tab alignment when tab position is set to right/left.
Post Carousel: Prevent themes from adjusting the thumbnail top margin.
Improved the reliability of widget description translations. Updated various widget descriptions.
Editor: Resolved the notice appearing when post meta wasn’t available.
Simple Masonry: Item labels – If the item title field isn’t populated use the image title field.
Hero: Added a setting to vertically align the slide contents.
Updated jQuery TouchSwipe.
Sliders: Fixed pagination spacing when HTML optimization is in use.
Layout Slider: Set frame labels based on the content inserted.
Slider: Set frame labels based on the content inserted.
Contact Form: Added placeholder support to the dropdown select field. Used if the field label position is set to Inside.
Contact Form: Added Required support for the dropdown select field.
FontAwesome: Moved Brands to the last position in dropdown list.
Layout Slider: Added a setting to vertically align the slide contents.

1.16.0 – 11 February 2020

Block Editor: Fixed widget select field width and alignment.
Removed unused template files.
Contact Form: Improved checking for SiteOrigin development email addresses.
Minor styling improvements to the Classic and Block Editor admin interfaces.
Features: Added a new setting to select the H tag to be used for the title field.
Hero: If a height value is assigned, added prefilling to avoid a page jump.
Hero: Added font-display: swap for Google font imports.
Layout Slider: If a height value is assigned, added prefilling to avoid a page jump.
Image Grid: Added a class of sow-image-grid-image_html to each image. Can be used to exclude images from Lazy Loading plugins.
Simple Masonry: Added a class of sow-masonry-grid-image to each image. Can be used to exclude images from Lazy Loading plugins.
Features: Added fallback support for the Icon image field.
Testimonials: Add fallback support for the Image field.
Post Carousel: Prevented looping until all posts are loaded.
Post Carousel: Added a new setting to disable looping.
Post Carousel: Prevented scrolling past loading items and loop as soon as last item is completely visible.
Contact Form: Added disabled cursor to submit button when disabled.
Block Editor: Resolved Features widget default settings.
Tabs and Accordion: Account for accented characters.
Social Media Buttons: Allowed for multiple instances of the same network without duplicating colors.
Social Media Buttons: Ensured all icons are correctly centered.
Contact Form: Added lightweight validation for phone numbers.
Block Editor: Display author for third party widgets.
Block Editor: Added processing for the more quicktag in the Editor widget.
Tabs and Accordion: Added icon spacing.
Testimonials: Improved image sizing behavior for square images.

1.15.9 – 11 November 2019

Contact Form: Improved default email address handling.
Contact Form: Improved subject field labeling.
Post Carousel: Loop the carousel when reaching the end.
Social Media Buttons: Fixed issue with responsive breakpoint unit of measurement.
Google Maps: Ensured settings modal window opens when directed to insert API key.
Google Maps: Fixed map center field when used in the Customizer.
Fixed compatibility with WordPress 5.3.
Minor code style and widget label improvements.

1.15.8 – 20 August 2019

Run FitText setup on window resize events.
TinyMCE field: Copy any missing content CSS urls from main editor.
Post Carousel: Prevent scrolling past the last item.
Contact Form: Prevent sending to testing/dev emails.
Widget block: Add h3 wrapper for widget titles.
Image widget: Remove width:inherit; IE8 fix for bound setting which breaks in IE11.
Sliders: Added padding to slider navigation arrows.
Accordion: Check if if anchor is present in URL and scroll to Accordion item.
Various form description and styling fixes.

1.15.7 – 22 May 2019

Widget Block: Ensure changed data is retained after previewing.
Image widget: Prevent overflow of image container when wrapped in link.
Image Grid: Dispatch event to notify listeners that layout is complete.
Image Grid: Fix layout for images wrapped in links.
Image grid: Use image media title for display if title isn’t set in the widget form.
Layout Slider: Remove header and text style fields.
Remove Autoptimize cache clearing as it detects changes automatically.
Update FontAwesome icons.
Google Maps location field: Ensure value is retained after preview in the block editor.
Prevent issue in SiteOrigin Layout Block when sowb hasn’t been defined.

1.15.6 – 29 April 2019

Image: Fix images vertical stretching.
Image: Fix widths for images wrapped in links.
Google Maps Location Field: Remove some unnecessary use of jQuery to avoid $ is not a function errors.
Google Maps Location Field: Check if matchError exists before accessing.

1.15.5 – 25 April 2019

Removed admin notice for new widgets.
Slider Base Widget: Removed unused background videos height setting.
Price Table: Recalc equalized heights when window size or orientation changes.
Google Maps location field: Use value in sanitization if already an array.
Add compatibility for Autoptimize.
Simple Masonry: Ensure all available width is used for layout.
Image: Change alignment to use display:flex instead of text-align.

1.15.4 – 27 March 2019

Slider field: Live updates for display value.
Widget block: Show error if missing or invalid widget data.
Google Maps: Add more links to relevant docs for enabling required APIs.
Google Maps Location field: Catch API key errors and display notice.
Run FitText resizer on setup_widgets too.
Add font url as property of font info object.
Image grid: Use opacity for initial hide of images so that size may still be detected.
Google Maps: Detect draggable or scroll_zoom before running setting migration.
Accordion and Tabs: Trigger window resize on start of animation.
Icon: Prevent undefined index notices.

1.15.3 – 6 March 2019

Image grid: Fallback support, alt text, use measurement fields.
Features: Fix responsive layout.
Google Maps: Update to use gesture handling and separate zoom level for mobile.
Google Maps: Default height when height field is empty.
Sliders: Option to always show navigation on mobile devices.
Accordion: Keyboard navigation.
Beaver Builder: Fix icons and widgets not saving.
Video: Allow using YouTube embed URLs.
Post Carousel: Accessibility improvements.
Escape namespaced widgets in previews.
Flag additional metaboxes as incompatible with the block editor.
Fix state emitters for sub-widget fields.
Google Maps: Remove API key field from widget form, in favor of global API key field.
Google Maps: Display notice when API key missing.
Contact form: Prevent double nonce.
TinyMCE field: Prevent twemoji from replacing emoji in the textarea.
Widget block: Show appropriate message when widget is missing or deactivated.
Accordion: Fix open/close icon layout when set to left position.
Social Media Buttons: Prevent the phone network from opening in a new window.
Google Maps: Add map styles filter.
Image radio field: New field created.
Posts field: Option to specify allowed post types.
Contact form: Add description to reCAPTCHA field specifying reCAPTCHA v2.

1.15.2 – 18 February 2019

Tabs: Set default tab position to top.

1.15.1 – 15 February 2019

Google maps: Use correct locations for static maps.

1.15.0 – 14 February 2019

Location field: New specialized admin form field which autocompletes addresses using the Google Maps places library.
Google maps: Moved global API key override to modify_instance to make key available in admin form too.
Google maps: Auto-migration of locations to new location field format.
Update LESS PHP library with fixes for PHP 7.3 compatibility.
Features: Apply text styles to all features content, not just

Social Media: New networks: Bandcamp, Goodreads, Telegram, Strava, Blogger.
Accordion: Fix issue preventing use of numbers in panel titles.
Block editor: Preview fixes.
Beaver Builder compat: Fix widgets failing to update and CSS for FontAwesome icons.

1.14.1 – 9 January 2019

Icon field: Set correct value of currently selected icon for non-FA icons.
Icon field: Avoid requiring that third party icon families include a filter.php file.
Widget block: Use JS array reduce function instead of lodash.
Allow widgets registered by instance.
Multi-measurement field: Fix layout.
Block editor: Send widgetData when fetching widget forms.
Tinymce field: Prevent JS console errors for hidden fields.
Order field: Additional sanitization before rendering.

1.14.0 – 4 January 2019

Accordion: allow multiple panels with the same title.
Actions when widgets’ CSS files are created/deleted.
Compat fixes for PHP 7.3
Indicate when ‘setup_widgets’ is triggered for previews.
Accordion: Debounce window.location.hash updates to prevent incorrect states.
Don’t remove FitText window listener to ensure previously set up FitText elements still work.
Icon field: Show loading indicator while icons are loading.
Widget documentation links.
Icons: Update to use latest FontAwesome icon sets.
Sliders: Resize slides when widgets are set up.
Elementor compat: Directly enqueue necessary scripts and styles for previews.
Allow widget headers to be translated.
Accordion: Keep the clicked panel in the viewport, if it moves out.
TinyMCE field: Check if tinymce is available before using.

1.13.4 – 6 December 2018

Widget block: Fix Layout Slider not being editable.
Widget block: Correct used of i18n for block editor.
Widget block: Fix previews.
Google map: Move global API key override to modify_instance to ensure key is available in form.
Widget block: Prevent multiple API requests.

1.13.3 – 15 November 2018

Contact: Fix checkboxes and radio alignment on android.
FitText: Set minimum font size to ensure readability.
TinyMCE field: Use correct editor when block editor is present.
Google maps: Use correct info window text for markers.
TinyMCE: Remove ‘editor-buttons’ style enqueue causing conflicts.
TinyMCE field: Prevent adding multiple copies of media buttons.
Image widget: if no alt text is supplied add an empty alt attribute.
Repeaters: Reverted some commits causing multiple issues.
WP 5: Fixed some styles in the block editor.
Only setup form fields in the dialog when a PB edit widget dialog is opened.
Multi-measurement field: Fix autoFill in block editor and attempt to fix in PHP <= 5.3.

1.13.2 – 31 October 2018

Builder field: Prevent error in PHP = 4.8.
Editor: Preserve encoded HTML entities in TinyMCE field.
TinyMCE field: Added missing tiny_mce_before_init filter.

1.9.5 – 25 July 2017

Fixed icon field selection.
TinyMCE field is initialized when quicktags is selected.
Autocomplete field only initialized once.
Posts field sanitization handles multiple post types.

1.9.4 – 24 July 2017

Using new Editor JS API for TinyMCE field.
Carousel: apply static position on .overlay.
Layout Slider: Add ability to set Background image to Title and spaced the code.
Add capabilities check to widget activation action.
Testimonial: Corrected typo in description and corrected formatting.
Enabling translation for “From:” in contact mail.

1.9.3 – 3 July 2017

Editor: Fix settings form label.
Don’t select the external fallback field as value input.
Social media buttons: Don’t output calls when missing network name.
Use gettext for widget global settings dialog title.
Image: Added link attributes to template variables.
Image grid: Use get_template_variables.
Image grid: Template code structure a bit more readable.
Simple masonry: Assign link attributes in get_template_variables.
Slider widget: Output link attributes.
Features: Remove redundant paragraph from template.
Google Maps: Fix issue when no matches found in maps API error string.
Google Maps: Mention required Google Maps APIs in field descriptions.
Google Maps: Localized strings used in JS.
Elementor 1.5: Ensure widgets’ setup scripts are run after editing.

1.9.2 – 8 June 2017

Post Carousel: default image for posts without featured images.
Social Media Buttons: allow empty colors.
Editor: prevent text processing for cache and post content rendering.
Post selector field: Fix additional args encoding.
Post selector field: Fix taxonomy search.

1.9.1 – 1 June 2017

Fixed Maps widget JS error.

1.9 – 30 May 2017

Compatibility with Visual Composer.
Taxonomy widget text display.
Price table widget: option to make feature row heights equal.
New posts selector field based on other existing fields.
New autocomplete field. Currently supports showing results from posts and taxonomies.
New date-range field with option to select specific or relative dates.
Editor widget: Global widget setting for default ‘autop’ state.
Some layout fixes for widget forms in Elementor.
Google Maps: fallback image when maps API not available or returns error.
Contact form: Reduced intensity of disabled button styling.
Google Maps: Fix markers not displaying when queries are rate limited.
Features: Option to use specified icon size for custom icon images.
Updated FontAwesome icon set to 4.7.0
Updated IcoMoon icon set.
Contact form: Allow duplicate forms on same page.
Widget temp backup in browser storage.
Google Maps: Custom marker icon for each marker.
Option to specify default number of visible rows in icon field.
Changed PHP LESS compiler to a better maintained version.

1.8.6 – 10 May 2017

Editor widget supports Jetpack Markdown.
Editor widget global setting for enabling/disabling ‘autop’ by default.
Allow setting FitText compressor strength in hero and headline widgets.
Fix variable name in enqueue_registered_styles.
Fix FitText not working previews.

1.8.5 – 27 April 2017

Fixed button hover class.

1.8.4 – 27 April 2017

Fixed button URLs.
Removed image sizes attribute when Jetpack Photon is enabled.
Fixed missing widget handling for misnamed widgets.

1.8.3 – 26 April 2017

Contact Form: Improved type Validation and added empty name check
Contact Form: Add Field Design Settings
Testimonial: Add responsive image sizes settings
Added checks to prevent PHP warnings
Improved handling of empty order fields.
Small code refactoring in price table widget.
Ensure all SiteOrigin widgets are grouped together in Page Builder.
Slider: Remove slider sentinel contents to avoid things like duplicated video iframe for embedded videos
Fix TinyMCE z-index.
Headline: Fixed typo that tied subheadline new window to headline
Ensure fittext is done before setting up hero slider.
Ensure google font fields work in live editors/previews.
Features: Allow specifying position of features widgets icons.
Added * next to labels of required fields.
Make required field indicator optional and display legend when enabled.
Set default color option in wpColorPicker.
Small refactor to make more use of get_template_variables.
Button: Added field for rel attribute.
Maps: Added setting for global Google API key.
Small fix to allow checkboxes to act as ‘conditional’ state emitters.
Features: Change text form field to a tinymce field
Properly work with new Page Builder caching system
Ensure footer templates only printed when editing with Elementor.
Small IE8 fix
Contact: Prevent form fields from having 0px height if no height specified.
Fixed Google Maps info windows.
Image: Don’t output empty attributes.
Don’t attempt to load maps API if already loaded.

1.8.2 – 1 April 2017

Compatibility with upcoming Page Builder 2.5 release.
Fixed compatibility with Elementor 1.4+.
Fixed incompatibility with Jetpack.

1.8.1 – 3 February 2017

Fixed empty array warning.
Contact Form: Prevent empty title markup from being echoed.
Contact Form: Display email after name
Slider: Account for 0 speed.
Features: Fix sizing issue when using images instead of icons.
Use default unit if missing for measurement fields.
Price Table: Shortcode support for feature text.
Testimonial: Updated text radius label and fixed resulting functionality.
Revert change made to post search for link field.
Link Field: Make sure we have a valid post_types value.

1.8 – 31 January 2017

Introduced compatibility system.
Added compatibility with Elementor and Beaver Builder.
Ensure radio inputs in repeaters have their checked property set correctly.
Various Call to Action widget improvements.
Use text-align: center; for features icons.
Always use HTTPS for Google Webfonts.
Post Selector: Exclude current post id
Post Selector: Add filter returned query
Post Carousel: Prevent empty title output.
Google Maps: Add ability to set link for Static Map.
Social Links: Add title field and title attributes for links.
Features: Add title text field for features
Button Widget: Add Font setting
Contact: Add radio field Type
Taxonomy: New Window Setting
Added a way of specifying post types for link field.
Introduced a global widget setup action.

1.7.2 – 09 November 2016

Made fixes to pass PHP 7 compatibility checks.
Image Widget: Get alt and title text from chosen image.
Replaced markup parser with more actively maintained one.
Simple Masonry: ensure resize on load
Image Grid: Allow 0 as valid spacing value.
Editor Widget: Call WP_Embed::run_shortcode on Editor widget content
Maps: Added missing typeof causing maps api not to load properly.
Icon: Fixed URL output.
Fixed double slash in URLs.
Features: Use Measurement fields.
Apply modify_form to form arrays created in the constructor.
Contact Form: add email default email subject if no subject defined.

1.7.1 – 21 September 2016

Fixed case of Maps widget in sidebar causing an error on pages without that sidebar.
Fixed icon field CSS.

1.7 – 20 September 2016

Added mechanism for creating global widget setting.
Added mechanism for adding dismissible notices to widget forms.
Unified Google Maps JS working for maps widget and contact form location field.
Added icon search for icon field.
Added remove button to icon field.
Contact Form: Fixed clash with Firefox field validation.
Properly display remove button after importing Pixabay image.

1.6.5 – 15 August 2016

Fixed dialog z-index.
Added field required argument.
Properly trigger change for image search import.
Sanitize arg can now be a callback.
Improved multi checkbox field
Maps: Just call initialization function if maps API already loaded.

1.6.4 – 21 July 2016

More settings and customizability for Headline widget.
Added FitText to Headline and Hero Image widgets.
Fixed Pixabay image importing.

1.6.3 – 19 July 2016

Added image search functionality to media field.
Moved actions into their own file.
Allow widgets to provide their own LESS/HTML.
Added very simple code field.
Multiple widgets can have the same class. Allowing widget functionality to come from configuration.
Various tweaks for upcoming Widgets Builder plugin.

1.6.2 – 11 July 2016

Fixed Firefox issue in post selector builder.
Properly escape all uses off add_query_arg.
Added filter after video

1.6.1 – 24 June 2016

Social Links: Fixed auto-filling of network colors.
Social Links: Added 500px network.
Social Links: Added title tag to link tags.
Maps: Prevent JS error in when maps widget script is enqueued but widget isn’t displayed.
Maps: Made API field more prominent as it’s now required by the Google Maps API.
Added more general error checking.

1.6 – 21 June 2016

Added builder field.
Added new multi checkboxes field.
Added Layout Slider widget.
Added taxonomy widget.
Added slider wrapper attributes and filter.
Fix for measurement field inside a repeater.
Modified base folder to work independently of Widgets Bundle.
Added custom icon families callback argument to icon field.
Properly handle attachments in post selector
Contact Form: Refactored form fields.
Hero Image: Added image type to Hero Image widget.
Button: Handle empty width.
Image: Added filter for SiteOrigin image attributes.
Image: Add dimensions to sizes dropdown.
Maps: Ensure maps widget works with API key.
Hero Image: Added setting to disable swipe on mobile Hero Image Widget.
Fixed title syntax in Image widget.
Video: Correctly get video file mime-types.
Video Widget: Allow specifying multiple self-hosted video sources to support various formats.

1.5.11 – April 11 2016

Fixed features widget container shape setting.

1.5.10 – April 5 2016

Added Icon widget.
Moved widget form arrays into separate functions to improve performance.
Cache widget style CSS if it can’t be saved to filesystem.
Improved preview checking so preview style CSS isn’t stored.
Contact Form: Improved instance hashing for compatibility with Yoast SEO.
Contact Form: Added description field and customisation.
Slider: Ensure correct styles are applied to slider images when a link is defined.
Features: Allow user to select size for uploaded icon image.
Price Table: Ensure feature icons always vertically centered, alongside feature text.

1.5.9 – February 26 2016

Contact Form: Fixed hash checking for duplicate emails.
Contact Form: Replace default emails with admin_email.

1.5.8 – February 26 2016

Skip empty sidebars when loading widget scripts.
Changes to cache clearing.
Typo corrections.
Fixed conflict with Child Theme Configurator.
Image Grid widget: Using correct field and image size names to determine image sizes.
Editor widget: Added shortcode unautop to Editor widget.
Contact Form widget: Added check to prevent email resends in contact form widget.
Masonry widget: properly handles full width rows in Page Builder.
Hero Image widget: Fix backgrounds URL.
Price Table widget: Skip empty buttons.
Maps Widget: Allow clicking markers to reopen info windows if closed.

1.5.7 – February 4 2016

Restored old class name for Image Grid Widget.

1.5.6 – January 23 2016

Fixed widget name migration
Fixed hero image height issue.
Fixed admin page layout.

1.5.5 – January 21 2016

Changed widget folder names to make them less verbose.
Properly handle LESS compile errors.
Fixed regex causing only the first 10 TinyMCE fields to be initialized.
Fixed sanitization in the contact form.
Fixed Google webfont function.
Fixed image output for slider base.
Image Widget: Added alignment options.
Contact Form: Use anchor to return to form after submit
Change default caps to manage options.
Contact form widget: fixed – form in customizer doesn’t resize.
Price Table: Added image alt tags.
Editor Widget: Fixed issue where only admins can view unfiltered content.
Editor Widget: Fixed issue where Editor Widget was removing new lines in code.
Post Selector Field: Support for date fields.
Maps Widget: Fixed Lat/Long coordinate handling.
Masonry widget: fixed layout and sizing.
Image Widget: Allow display of image title above or below image.
Added more relative measurement units to base.
Hero Image Widget: Added height setting.
Testimonial widget: Prevent outputting related image HTML if no image is set.
Testimonial Widget: Use testimonial URLs to link location and optionally link names and images.
Contact Form: Prevent multiple submit button clicks.
Image Widget: Add support for srcset to Image widget
Contact Form: Allow user to set field label position.
Contact Form: Allow user to set field label font styles.
Contact Form: Allow user setting focussed field outline styles.
Contact Form: Don’t do recaptcha validation in admin preview.

1.5.4 – November 18 2015

Fixed compatibility with PHP 5.2

1.5.3 – November 17 2015

Fixed defaults for Features widget and Hero Image widget.
Fixed previewing for Editor widget.
Change measurement field to work as single string.
Use new measurement field for existing widgets.
Carousel widget supports RTL.

1.5.2 – November 10 2015

Removed word break style from headline widget.
Fixed image grid URL field.
Added more text styling options to features widget.
Added measurement field to use in various widgets.
Prefix function name in Google Map widget to prevent conflicts.
Fixed styling for contact form widget.
Fix to allow multiple duplicated contact forms on a single page.
Fixed Hero Image widget button shortcode in text mode.
TinyMCE fields maintain editor state.
Added support for WP Canvas Shortcodes in TinyMCE field.
Don’t initialize TinyMCE outside the admin.
Added more styling to contact form submit button.

1.5.1 – October 7 2015

Fixed: Issue with Call To Action widget being missing.

1.5 – October 5 2015

Fixed: Conflict between WPML and repeaters.
Added Simple Masonry Layout widget.
Added Contact Form widget.
Added Image Grid widget.
Added Testimonial widget.
Changed layout of widgets activation page.
Added Trianglify to generate placeholder widget icons.
Added mechanism to use state emitters in repeaters.
Section expanded/collapsed states now stored across form loads.
Display once off admin notice when new widgets are available.
Fixed translation domain.
Editor Widget: Allow more HTML in Editor widget for trusted users.
Hero Image Widget: Added top padding setting.
Hero Image Widget: Can now set background click URL.
Hero Image Widget: Improved handling of buttons shortcode.
Slider Widget : Fixed open in new window setting.
Headline Widget: Added word-break CSS.
Headline Widget: Added option to set type of heading tags used.

1.4.4 – September 6 2015

Fixed issue with slider image widths.

1.4.3 – September 5 2015

Added support for WooCommerce Shortcodes plugin to TinyMCE field.
New streamlined icon selector field.
Added info window functionality to maps widget.
Added a button to duplicate repeater items.
Added more design settings to hero image widget.
Removed full screen mode from TinyMCE field.
Option to keep map centered when container is resized.
Fixed: CSS bug for Google font imports on generated CSS.
Fixed: Post selector for URL fields properly handles empty titles.
Added option to skip auto paragraphs in Editor widget.

1.4.2 – August 18 2015

Urgent fix in preparation for WordPress 4.3 release

1.4.1 – August 17 2015

Updated to latest Font Awesome.
Added TripAdvisor to social links widget.
Allow unfiltered HTML in SiteOrigin Editor Widget if user has rights.
Properly set URL scheme.
Fixed state emitter issue for Google Maps Widget.

1.4 – July 20 2015

Created a base slider widget class.
Converted current slider widget to use base slider.
Fixed image sizing in slider widget.
Added plain background color option to slider widget.
Added new Hero Image widget.
Fixed repeaters in sub items.


Fix to TinyMCE field when moved in Customizer and Widgets interface.
Small developer level improvements.
Fixed autoplay in video widget.
Fixed behaviour of slides in slider widget.


Added TinyMCE field type.
All fields now use classes to make them easier to extend.
Added SiteOrigin Editor widget.
Made it possible for other plugins to filter default widgets.
Fixed WordPress CLI compatibility.
Added unit tests.
Added networks to social networks widget.
Changed how repeater HTML is stored.


Fixed reference to siteorigin_widgets_is_google_webfont.
Fixed CSS URL.


Fixed Javascript issue with Map widget in customizer.
Added meta box manager.
Small style change to flat button style.
Video widget fixes.


Added video widget with support for self/external videos.
New activate/deactivate widgets interface.
Headline widget CSS fixes.
Dev Feature: Error checking for widget field type.
Dev Feature: Added state emitters.
Dev Feature: Additional hooks and filters.


Removed is_customizer_preview – only available in newer versions of WordPress.


Added headline widget.
All scripts and styles loaded in header instead of lazy loading.
Added email to social links widget.
Made carousel touch friendly.
Improved input sanitization for HTML input.
Added nonce request checking in carousel widget.
Added sticky field to post selector.
Added function to allow Page Builder to use post selector.
Added a few developer friendly filters.
Fixed: Various customizer related issues.
Fixed: Issue limiting maps widget to 10 markers.
Fixed: Call to action alignment issues.
Fixed: Carousel preview.


Added social links widget.
Framework updates.


Fixed Google Map preview.


Added powerful Google Maps widget.
Improved data sanitization.
Various UI improvements.


Fixed issues with adding extra widget folders.
Added compatibility with WordPress Customizer.
Added more fields to be used with future widgets.


Removed legacy widget deactivation functions.
Improved how widgets are loaded.


Changed how widget list is loaded to fix issue with widgets list not displaying.


Features widget icons can now be made clickable.


Manage widgets page now does live updates.
Added widget previews.
Fixed wire button widget hover issue.
Old stand alone widget plugins are now deactivated in favor of bundled versions.
Fixed centering of CTA widget.
Fixed color settings in CTA widget.
Fixed button icon color setting.
Small UI improvements.


Clean up of code and bundled widgets.


Initial release.