Intuitive Custom Post Order的作者是hijiri,目前有300,000+个有效安装。已经Tested with 5.1.0版本的wordpress。

Intuitively, order items( Posts, Pages, ,Custom Post Types, Custom Taxonomies, Sites ) using a drag and drop sortable JavaScript.

Select sortable items from ‘Intuitive CPO’ menu of Setting menu in WordPress.

In addition, You can re-override the parameters of ‘orderby’ and ‘order’, by using the ‘WP_Query’ or ‘pre_get_posts’ or ‘query_posts()’ or ‘get_posts()’.
ATTENTION: Only if you use ‘get_posts()’ to re-overwrite to the default order( orderby=date, order=DESC ), You need to use own custom parameter ‘orderby=default_date’.

This Plugin published on GitHub.