wordpress插件之Simple Custom CSS

Simple Custom CSS的作者是John Regan, Danny Van Kooten,目前有300,000+个有效安装。已经Tested with 5.3.3版本的wordpress。
An easy-to-use WordPress Plugin to add custom CSS styles that override Plugin and Theme default styles. This plugin is designed to meet the needs of administrators who would like to add their own CSS to their WordPress website. Styles created with this plugin will render even if the theme is changed.
** New in Version 4.0.2 **
– Uses native WP CodeMirror on settings page (Does not load unnecessary scripts)
– Tested for WP version 5.1.1
– Tested for PHP version 7.2

Customizer Control (live preview)
Useful Code Syntax Highlighter
Code linting (error checking)
No configuration needed
Simple interface built on native WordPress UI
Virtually no impact on site performance
No complicated database queries
Thorough documentation
Allows Administrator access on WP Networks (Multisite)

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