Recent Posts Widget With Thumbnails的作者是Martin Stehle,目前有200,000+个有效安装。已经Tested with 5.4.1版本的wordpress。
List the most recent posts with post titles, thumbnails, excerpts, authors, categories, dates and more!
The plugin is available in English, Spanish (Español), German (Deutsch), Persian (فارسی), Arabic (العربية), Polish (Polski) Russian (русский), Turkish (Türkçe), Japanese (日本語) and Greek (Ελληνικά).
Although the plugin is build only for widget areas users reported that it works also in Elementor. Whether it runs in other page builders is unknown. Please let me know in which page builder you were able to use the plugin successfully.
The plugin does not collect any personal data, so it is ready for EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance.
Lightweight, simple and effective
No huge widget with hundreds of options. This plugin is based on the well-known WordPress default widget ‘Recent Posts’ and extended to display more informations about the posts like e.g. thumbnails, excerpts and assigned categories. And it provides more options to build custom-taylored posts lists.
The thumbnails will be built from the featured image of a post or of the first image in the post content. If there is neither a featured image nor a content image then you can define a default thumbnail.
You can set the width and heigth of the thumbnails in the list. The thumbnails appear left-aligned to the post titles in left-to-right languages. In right-to-left languages they appear right-aligned.
What users wrote

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What users filmed
Some users published video tutorials on YouTube:

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Recent Posts Widget With Thumbnails Setup Tutorial – WordPress Lesson and Tip by Making a Website on April 17, 2016
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Options you can set

Title of the widget
Number of listed posts
Open post links in new windows
Random order of posts
Hide current post in list
Show only sticky posts
Hide sticky posts
Keep sticky posts on top of the list if not hidden
Hide post title
Maximum length of post title
Show post categories
Show post category names as links to their archives
Label for categories
Show post date
Show post excerpt
Show number of comments
Excerpt length
Signs after excerpt
Ignore post excerpt field as excerpt source (builds excerpts only from the post content)
Ignore post content as excerpt source (builds excerpts only from the excerpt fields)
Show posts of selected categories (or of all categories)
Show post thumbnail (featured image)
Registered thumbnail dimensions
Thumbnail width in px
Thumbnail height in px
Keep aspect ratio of thumbnails
Try to take the first post image as thumbnail
Only use the first post image as thumbnail
Use default thumbnail if no thumbnail is available
Always use the default thumbnail
Default thumbnail URL
Print slugs of post categories in class attribute of LI elements
Print inline CSS instead of creating a CSS file
No CSS generation at all

Much more options available in the Pro version
If you want to build your special posts lists with additional options for layout, informations about each post and embedding via shortcode take a look at the plugin Ultimate Post List Pro.
Useful hints for developers: Supported Hooks
The plugin considers the output of actions hooked on:

rpwwt_the_excerpt (for manual excerpts only)
the_excerpt (for all excerpts, is also applied after ‘rpwwt_the_excerpt’)
rpwwt_list_cats (for the category list in the backend)
rpwwt_categories (for the category list on the website)

Useful hints for developers: Available CSS Selectors
To design the list and its items you can use these CSS selectors:
The elements which contain the posts lists:
The lists which contain the list items:
.rpwwt-widget ul
All list items in the lists:
.rpwwt-widget ul li
All list items of sticky posts in the lists:
.rpwwt-widget ul li.rpwwt-sticky
All links in the lists; every link contains the image and the post title:
.rpwwt-widget ul li a
All images in the lists (use that to set the margins around images):
.rpwwt-widget ul li a img
All post titles in the lists:
.rpwwt-widget ul li a span.rpwwt-post-title
All post author in the lists:
.rpwwt-widget ul li div.rpwwt-post-author
All post categories in the lists:
.rpwwt-widget ul li div.rpwwt-post-categories
All post dates in the lists:
.rpwwt-widget ul li div.rpwwt-post-date
All post excerpts in the lists:
.rpwwt-widget ul li div.rpwwt-post-excerpt
All numbers of comments in the lists:
.rpwwt-widget ul li div.rpwwt-post-comments-number
The user interface is available in

Arabic (العربية), kindly drawn up by Shadi AlZard
German (Deutsch)
Greek (Ελληνικά), kindly drawn up by Kostas Arvanitidis
Japanese (日本語), kindly drawn up by Kazuyuki Kumai
Persian (فارسی), kindly drawn up by Sajjad Panahi
Polish (Polski), kindly drawn up by Marcin Mikolajczyk
Russian (ру́сский), kindly drawn up by dmitriynn
Spanish (Español)
Turkish (Türkçe), kindly drawn up by Mehmet HAKAN

Further translations are welcome. If you want to give in your translation please leave a notice in the plugin’s support forum.