Contact Form 7 Extension For Mailchimp的作者是Renzo Johnson,目前有100,000+个有效安装。已经Tested with 5.4.9版本的wordpress。
WordPress Extension For Mailchimp (Chimpmatic Lite). Integrate Contact Form 7 with Mailchimp. Automatically add form submissions to predetermined lists in Mailchimp, using Mailchimp’s latest API. This Extension for Mailchimp supports multiple mailing lists and API Keys.

Extension For Mailchimp Support
Active support is not always provided for the Contact Form 7 Mailchimp Extension on the forums. One-on-one email support is available to people who email the Mailchimp Extension developer.
Bug Reports
Bug reports for the Contact Form 7 Mailchimp Extension are welcome in the WordPress developers website.

Key Features

Easy to use
Support for many custom fields
Unlimited contact forms
Use a different Mailchimp API key per contact form
Use a different Mailchimp mailing list per contact form
Single opt-in – no confirmation email send to subscribers
Double opt-in – confirmation email send to subscribers
Opt-in checkbox – add the chance to opt-in/opt-out
Latest Mailchimp API V3
Constantly updated

Premium Features

NEW Tag Existing Mailchimp Subscribers
NEW Group Existing Mailchimp Subscribers
NEW Unlimited Mailchimp Custom Fields
NEW Mailchimp Email Verification
NEW Unsubscribe
NEW Archive
NEW Delete (Permanently)
Unlimited Mailchimp Tags
Unlimited Mailchimp Groups
Support for birthday
Support for language
Support for text/html
Support for Mailchimp categories
Support for Mailchimp segments
Support for Mailchimp interests


Contact Form 7
Mailchimp account

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