Display Posts – Easy lists, grids, navigation, and more的作者是Bill Erickson,目前有100,000+个有效安装。已经Tested with 5.2.6版本的wordpress。

Display Posts allows you easily list content from all across your website. Start by adding this shortcode in the content editor to display a list of your most recent posts:


Filter by Category

To only show posts within a certain category, use the category parameter:

[display-posts category="news"]

Display as Post Grid

You can create a great looking, column-based grid of posts with a bit of styling. Here’s how!

List Popular Posts
You can highlight your popular content in multiple ways. If you want to feature the posts with the most comments, use:

[display-posts orderby="comment_count"]

You can also list most popular posts by social shares.

Include thumbnails, excerpts, and more
The display parameters let you control what information is displayed for each post. To include an image and summary, use:

[display-posts include_excerpt="true" image_size="thumbnail"]

You can use any image size added by WordPress (thumbnail, medium, medium_large, large) OR any custom image size added by your theme or other plugins.

Sort the list however you like
By default the listing will list the newest content first, but you can order by title, menu order, relevance, content type, metadata, and more.

List upcoming events
You can easily list upcoming events from any event calendar. Each plugin will require slightly different code.

Here are tutorials for popular event calendar plugins. If your plugin is not listed here, submit a support request and I’ll add it!

Our tutorials cover common customization requests, and are updated often.

Full Documentation

Query parameters for customizing which posts are listed (filter by category, tag, date…)
Display parameters determine how the posts appear (title, excerpt, image…)
Template parts for Display Posts to perfectly match your theme’s post listings
Output filter for complete control over how the listing looks on your site
Filters for even more powerful customizations for developers


Display Posts – Pagination – Allow results of Display Posts to be paginated
Display Posts – Date View – Lets you break your content down by month or year.
Display Posts – Alpha View – Display an alphabetical listing of your content, broken down by letter
Display Posts – Transient Cache – Cache the output using transients
Co-Authors Plus Addon – multiple authors on posts
Columns Extension – display posts in columns
DPS Exclude Sticky – exclude sticky posts unless specifically requested
DPS Pinch Zoomer – adds support pinch zooming post images on mobile devices and mouse wheel zooming on desktops
Display Posts Shortcode Remote – display posts from a remote WordPress site utilizing the WP REST API.