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Theme My Login的作者是Theme My Login,目前有100,000+个有效安装。已经Tested with 5.4.2版本的wordpress。
Ever wished that your WordPress login page matched the rest of your site? Your wish has come true! Theme My Login allows you to bypass the default WordPress-branded login page that looks nothing like the rest of your site. Instead, your users will be presented with the login, registration and password recovery pages right within your theme. The best part? It works right out of the box, with no configuration necessary! Take back your login page, WordPress users!

Have you users log in from the frontend of your site.
Have your users register from the frontend of your site.
Have your users recover their password from the frontend of your site.
Customize the slugs used for login, registration, password recovery and other pages.
Allow your users to register with only their email.
Allow your users to set their own passwords upon registration.
Allow your users to log in using either their email and password, username and password or a combination of the two.
Allow your users to be logged in automatically after registration with auto-login.

Do More With Extensions
Boost your user experience even more with add-on plugins from our extensions catalog. Some of our extensions include:

Redirection allows you to redirect your users on login, logout and registration based on their role.
Restrictions allows you to restrict posts/pages, widgets and nav menu items based on a users login status and/or role.
Profiles lets your users edit their profile from the frontend of your site.
Moderation allows you to moderate your users by requiring them to confirm their email or by requiring admin approval.
reCAPTCHA enables Google reCAPTCHA support for your registration and login forms.
Social allows you to allow your users to log in to your site using their favorite social providers.

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