Font Awesome的作者是Font Awesome,目前有100,000+个有效安装。已经Tested with 5.4.1版本的wordpress。

The official way to use Font Awesome Free or Pro icons on your site, brought to you by the Font Awesome team.


This is a new, completely re-written plugin, tested with the latest WordPress and Font Awesome versions. It replaces the older plugin formerly occupying this space in the WordPress plugins directory, which was no longer being maintained. Many thanks to Rachel Baker and the team behind the former plugin for getting the original plugin started and allowing us to carry it forward.


Our official plugin lets you use Font Awesome the way you want:

Use Pro or Free icons.
Leverage the latest release or a specific version of our icons.
Choose the tech, either SVG or Web Font.
Take your pick of loading your icons from our classic Font Awesome CDN, or use Font Awesome kits – the easiest and most robust way to use our icons on the web.
And, if you haven’t had the chance to update your project in a long while, you can turn on automatic compatibility for Font Awesome Version 4.

But that’s not all… our official plugin can troubleshoot and help you resolve when multiple versions of Font Awesome are loading on your site from other plugins/themes and causing display or technical issues.


Install and enable the plugin
(See the Installation tab for details)

Add icons to your pages and posts
Once you’ve set up your plugin, you add icons to your pages and posts by using their names in shortcodes or HTML.

When you use shortcodes, you add the name of the icon and a prefix, where the prefix is the style of icon you want to use. Note that you don’t need to include the fa- part of the name. And if you don’t include any prefix, the style will default to Solid.

The shortcode for an icon looks like this:

[icon name="stroopwafel"]

[icon name="stroopwafel" prefix="fal"]

Or you can use basic HTML with standard Font Awesome syntax:

Using Pro Icons and Features
To enable Pro icons with the CDN, you will need to add your domain to the list allowed domains on your Font Awesome CDN Settings page. To configure a kit, get your API Token from your Font Awesome account page.

Troubleshooting with the Plugin
Font Awesome icons are popular, so lots of themes and plugins also load Font Awesome, and sometimes their version can conflict with yours. So we created a way to help you find and prevent those conflicting versions from affecting your icons: The Conflict Detection Scanner.

If the plugin seems to be set up correctly and your icons still aren’t loading and you’re not sure why, head over to the Troubleshoot tab, which has two parts:

Detect Conflicts with Other Versions of Font Awesome – which lets you start the conflict detection scanner to find versions of Font Awesome loading on your site.
Versions of Font Awesome Active on Your Site – which lists any other versions of Font Awesome being used on your site and lets you prevent conflicting versions from loading.

Get more information about using the scanner for troubleshooting on the WordPress page on Font Awesome.


The plugin is set to serve Font Awesome Free icons as a Web Font via the Font Awesome CDN by default. You can change the CDN settings right in the plugin. In the simplest case, no additional configuration is required.

Note: The plugin is not compatible on WordPress multisite at this time.

You can get more information about all the available settings and troubleshooting on the WordPress page on Font Awesome.


If you used the old plugin or are still using Version 3 of Font Awesome, we’ve tried to smooth the upgrade path for you by keeping [icon] shortcode compatibility for Font Awesome 3 names used with the old plugin. But we plan to remove version 3 naming support from this plugin soon so don’t wait too long to update your code!


The README on GitHub which has details for WordPress site owners and developers.

The API docs for developers.