Invisible reCaptcha for WordPress的作者是Mihai Chelaru,目前有100,000+个有效安装。已经Tested with 5.4.1版本的wordpress。
Invisible reCaptcha for WordPress is an extremely powerful plugin which integrates the new Invisible reCaptcha by Google with your WordPress site.
Summary of features
WordPress Invisible reCaptcha
- Login form protection - annihilates Brute Force attacks
- Registration form protection
- Comments form protection
- Forgot Password form protection

WooCommerce Invisible reCaptcha
- Login form protection
- Registration form protection
- Product Review form protection
- Lost Password form protection
- Reset Password form protection

Contact Form 7 Invisible reCaptcha
– Protect your Contact Form 7 forms with Invisible reCaptcha
Gravity Forms Invisible reCaptcha
– Protect your Gravity Forms with Invisible reCaptcha
Ultra Community Invisible reCaptcha
– Login form protection
– Registration form protection
BuddyPress Invisible reCaptcha
– Protect your BuddyPress registration form with Invisible reCaptcha
On a WP Multisite you can either activate the plugin network wide or on a single site.
How-To and Troubleshooting
Check out our Invisible reCaptcha for WordPress Support Forum
Extending Invisible reCaptcha
Here are some useful hooks to help developers integrate Invisible reCaptcha with any plugin or custom form
- google_invre_render_widget_action - renders the recaptcha widget

- google_invre_is_valid_request_filter - used to check if Google approved the request (returns bool true/false)
- google_invre_widget_output_html_filter - used to change the recaptcha widget output
- google_invre_language_code_filter - used to change the badge/challenge language code
- google_invre_badge_position_filter - used to change the badge position (possible returning values are: 'bottomright', 'bottomleft', 'inline')

Examples of using Invisible reCaptcha hooks

Add Invisible reCaptcha into any form
Just call
anywhere before form closing tag

Validate form post request
$is_valid = apply_filters(‘google_invre_is_valid_request_filter’, true);
if( ! $is_valid )
// handle error here
// continue with your logic

Change the badge/challenge language code
add_filter( ‘google_invre_language_code_filter’, ‘myprefix_change_recaptcha_language’ );
function myprefix_change_recaptcha_language($language_code){
$language_code = ‘fr’; // French
return $language_code;

See all reCaptcha Language Codes

Note: This plugin requires PHP 5.3 or higher to be activated.