WP Database Reset的作者是WebFactory Ltd,目前有90,000+个有效安装。已经Tested with 5.4.1版本的wordpress。

The WordPress Database Reset plugin allows you to reset the database (all tables or the ones you choose) back to its default settings without having to go through the WordPress 5 minute installation or having to modify any files.

Need more reset tools? To individually reset plugins, themes, transients or media? Or perhaps database snapshots so you can restore your WP site with one click if you made a mistake? Then check out our free sister plugin – WP Reset.


Extremely fast one click process to reset the WordPress database tables
Choose to reset the entire database or specific database tables
Secure and super simple to use
Safe – it’s not possible to accidentally click reset
Prefer the command line? Reset the database in one command
Excellent for theme and plugin developers who need to clean the database of any unnecessary content

Command Line

Once activated, you can use the WordPress Database Reset plugin with WordPress CLI. List of WP-CLI commands:

Reset all tables:

wp reset database

Specify a list of tables to reset:

wp reset database --tables='users, posts, comments, options'

The current theme and plugins will be reactivated by default. You can disable them like so:

wp reset database --no-reactivate

List table names:

wp reset list


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WP Database Reset was originally developed in October 2011 by Chris Berthe. Please do not send him any support questions. If you need assistance the official forum is the best and fastest way to get it.