Slideshow的作者是StefanBoonstra,目前有70,000+个有效安装。已经Tested with 4.3.23版本的wordpress。
Slideshow provides an easy way to integrate a slideshow for any WordPress installation.
Any image can be loaded into the slideshow by picking it from the WordPress media page, even images you’ve already
uploaded can be inserted into your slideshow right away!
Fancy doing something crazy? You can create and use as many slideshows as you’d like, with
different images, settings and styles for each one of them.

Create as many slideshows with as many slides as you like
Image slides
Text slides
YouTube Video slides
Place it anywhere on your website
Run multiple slideshows on the same page
Change animations and handling
Customize to taste
Show that visitor who’s boss


Bulgarian (87% – bg_BG – Translated by Ilko Ivanov)
Chinese (65% – zh_CN – Translated by Kevin Tell and Leo Newbiesup)
Czech (81% – cs_CZ – Translated by Edhel)
Dutch (100% – nl_NL – Translated by Stefan Boonstra (That’s me!))
English (100%)
Finnish (83% – fi – Translated by A. Nonymous)
French (91% – fr_FR – Translated by Romain Sandri)
German (99% – de_DE – Translated by Markus Amann and others)
Hebrew (53% – he_IL – Translated by Eli Segev)
Italian (83% – it_IT – Translated by Tecnikgeek)
Japanese (82% – ja – Translated by Michihide Hotta)
Norwegian (99% – nb_NO – Translated by A. Nonymous)
Persian (100% – fa_IR – Translated by W3Design)
Polish (83% – pl_PL – Translated by Wicher Wiater)
Portuguese (92% – pt_BR – Translated by Piero Luiz and others)
Portuguese (83% – pt_PT – Translated by Filipe Catraia)
Russian (100% – ru_RU – Translated by Coupofy and Dmitry Fatakov)
Serbo-Croatian (91% – sr_RS – Translated by Webhosting Hub)
Spanish (51% – es_ES – Translated by Violeta Rosales)
Swedish (91% – sv_SE – Translated by Åke Isacsson and Wilhelm Svenselius)
Turkish (83% – tr_TR – Translated by İlker Akdoğan)
Ukrainian (100% – uk_UK – Translated by Coupofy)

Project board
Check upcoming features, bug-fixes and development progress that are currently on the Slideshow project board at:
Slideshow project board –
Need the (uncompressed) source code?
Find the Slideshow project’s source code in my GitHub repository. The
uncompressed files can be compiled using Prepros, or CodeKit.

Stefan Boonstra
Slideshow project board