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WP Video Lightbox的作者是Tips and Tricks HQ, Ruhul Amin,目前有70,000+个有效安装。已经Tested with 5.4.1版本的wordpress。

The WordPress Video Lightbox plugin allows you to embed videos on a page using lightbox overlay display.

This plugin can be used to display images, flash, YouTube, Vimeo, iFrame etc in a lightbox overlay. The embedded videos can be viewed on iPhone and iPad too.


You can embed a vimeo video using the following shortcode in a WordPress post or page:

[video_lightbox_vimeo5 video_id="13562192" width="640" height="480" anchor="click here to open vimeo video"]
[video_lightbox_vimeo5 video_id="13562192" width="640" height="480" anchor="http://www.example.com/images/vimeo-thumb.jpg"]

You need to replace the value of “video_id” with your actual vimeo video ID. When a user clicks on the anchor text/image your vimeo video will pop up in lightbox.


You can embed a YouTube video using the following shortcode in a WordPress post or page:

[video_lightbox_youtube video_id="G7z74BvLWUg" width="640" height="480" anchor="click here to open YouTube video"]
[video_lightbox_youtube video_id="G7z74BvLWUg" width="640" height="480" anchor="http://www.example.com/images/youtube-thumb.jpg"]

You need to replace the value of “video_id” with your actual YouTube video ID. You can also control the size of the lightbox window by customizing the width and height parameters.


When you are using a thumbnail image as the anchor, you can describe it using the “alt” parameter in the shortcode. It helps Search Engines understand what this image is about.

[video_lightbox_youtube video_id="G7z74BvLWUg" width="640" height="480" anchor="http://www.example.com/images/youtube-thumb.jpg" alt="text that describes this image"]

You need to replace the value of “alt” with your own description of the image.


Once you have installed the plugin you can configure some options to customize the popup. The settings menu can be accessed from “Settings->Video Lightbox->prettyPhoto”.

Enable prettyPhoto: Check this option if you want to use the prettyPhoto library
Animation speed: fast / slow / normal [default: fast]
Autoplay slideshow: true / false [default: false]
Opacity: Value between 0 and 1 [default: 0.8]
Show title: true / false [default: true]
Allow resize: Resize the photos bigger than viewport. true / false [default: true]
Allow expand: Allow the user to expand a resized image. true / false [default: true]
Default width: default width of the lightbox window [default: 640, you can override it using the width parameter in the shortcode]
Default height: default height of the lightbox window [default: 480, you can override it using the height parameter in the shortcode]
Counter separator label: The separator for the gallery counter in lightbox [default: /]
Theme: theme for the lightbox window – Default, Light Rounded, Dark Rounded, Light Square, Dark Square, Facebook
Horizontal padding: The padding on each side of the lightbox window [default: 20]
Hide Flash: Hides all the flash objects on a page, set to true if flash appears over prettyPhoto [default: false]
wmode: the flash wmode attribute [default: opaque]
Autoplay: Automatically start videos: true / false [default: true]
Modal: If set to true, only the close button will close the window [default: false]
Deeplinking: Allow prettyPhoto to update the url to enable deeplinking. [default: true]
Overlay gallery: If this enabled, a gallery will overlay the fullscreen image on mouse over [default: true]
Overlay gallery max: Maximum number of pictures in the overlay gallery [default: 30]
Keyboard shortcuts: Set to false if you open forms inside prettyPhoto [default: true]
IE6 fallback: compatibility fallback for IE6 [default: true]
Automatically retrieve the thumbnail for your video and embed in lightbox
Load YouTube video over http. This is great if you have SSL installed on your site
Disable suggested videos at the end of a YouTube video
Enable privacy-enhanced mode in a YouTube video
Flexiblity of using both shortcode/html code to pop up media in lightbox
Show description of a popup in overlay

For video tutorial, screenshots, detailed documentation, support and updates, please visit: WP Video Lightbox plugin page


You need to embed the appropriate shortcode on a post/page to display the specific type of media (Youtube, Vimeo, Flash etc).
Instructions for using the shortcodes are available at the following URL:
WP Video Lightbox Details Usage Instruction

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