Shortcoder的作者是Aakash Chakravarthy,目前有70,000+个有效安装。已经Tested with 5.4.1版本的wordpress。
Shortcoder plugin allows to create a custom shortcodes for HTML, JavaScript and other snippets. Now the shortcodes can be used in posts/pages and the snippet will be replaced in place.
Create custom shortcodes easily

Give a name for the shortcode
Paste the HTML/JavaScript as content
Save !
Now insert the shortcode [sc name="my_shortcode"] in your post/page.
Voila ! You got the HTML/Javascript in your post.


Create “custom shortcodes” easily and use them within WordPress
Use any kind of HTML as Shortcode content.
Insert: Custom parameters in shortcode
Insert: WordPress parameters in shortcode
Multiple editors: Code, Visual and text modes.
Globally disable the shortcode when not needed.

An example usage

Create a shortcode named “adsenseAd” in the Shortcoder admin page.
Paste the adsense code in the box given and save it.
Use [sc name="adsenseAd"] in your posts and pages.
Tada !!! the ad code is replaced and it appears in the post.
Now you can edit the ad code at one place and the code is updated in all the locations where the shortcode is used.

Using this idea, shortcodes can be created for frequently used snippets.
You can also add custom parameters (like %%id%%) inside the snippets, and change it’s value like [sc name="youtube" id="GrlRADfvjII"]


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