Ajax Search for WooCommerce的作者是Damian Góra,目前有60,000+个有效安装。已经Tested with 5.5版本的wordpress。

The most popular WooCommerce product search plugin. Gives your users a well-designed advanced AJAX search bar with live search suggestions.

By default, WooCommerce provides a very simple search solution, without live product search or even SKU search. Ajax Search for WooCommerce provides advanced search with live suggestions.

Who doesn’t love instant, as-you-type suggestions? In 2020, customers simply expect smart product search. Baymard Institute’s latest UX research reveals that search autocomplete, auto-suggest, or instant search feature is now offered at 96% of major e-commerce sites. It’s a must-have feature for every online business that can’t afford to lose customers. Why? AJAX search helps users save time and makes shopping easier. As a result, it really boosts sales.


✅ Search by product title, long and short description
✅ Search by SKU
✅ Show product image in live search results
✅ Show product price in live search results
✅ Show product description in live search results
✅ Show SKU in live search results
✅ Mobile First – special mobile search mode for better UX
✅ Details panels with extended information – “add to cart” button with a quantity field and extended product data displayed on hovering over the live suggestion
✅ Easy implementation in your theme – embed the plugin using a shortcode, as a menu item or as a widget
✅ Terms search – search for product categories and tags
✅ Limit displayed suggestions – the number is customizable
✅ The minimum number of characters required to display suggestions – the number is customizable
✅ Better ordering – a smart algorithm ensures that the displayed results are as accurate as possible
✅ Support for the results page – after type enter users got the same results as in ajax search bar
✅ Grouping instant search results by type – displaying e.g. first matching categories, then matching products
✅ Google Analytics support
✅ WPML compatible
✅ Polylang compatible
✅ Personalization of search bar and autocomplete suggestions – labels, colors, preloader, image and more


Ajax search comes also in the Pro version, with a modern, inverted index based search engine. Ajax Search Pro works even 10x faster than its Free version or other popular search solutions for WooCommerce.

Upgrade to PRO and boost your sales!


✅ Ultra-Fast Search Engine based on the inverted index – works very fast even with 100,000+ products
✅ Fuzzy search – works even with minor typos
✅ Search in custom fields
✅ Search in attributes
✅ Search in categories
✅ Search in tags
✅ Search in brands (WooCommerce Brands or YITH WooCommerce Brands)
✅ Search by variation product SKU – also shows variable products in live search after typing in the exact matching SKU
✅ Search for posts – shows also matching posts in live search
✅ Search for pages – shows also matching posts in live search
✅ Synonyms
✅ Professional and fast help with embedding or replacing the search bar in your theme
✅ and more…


See how it works for others: Showcase.


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