WP Total Hacks的作者是Takayuki Miyauchi,目前有50,000+个有效安装。已经Tested with 4.7.17版本的wordpress。
WP Total Hacks can customize more than 20 settings on your WordPress Site.

This Plugin published on GitHub.
Some features:
All items you can select to Activate or Deactivate.
PHP5 is required!

Add a favicon.
Change admin header logo.
Change admin footer text.
Change login logo.
Deactivate selected meta boxes for Posts & Pages.
Deactivate selected dashboard widgets.
Remove unnecessary meta tags.
Change default email address.
Remove Update Notification for all users except Admin User.
Delete default contact methods from user profile.
Customize limit the number of allowed revisions.
Disable auto save.
Stop sending pings from your own site to your own site when you write posts.
Block pingbacks.
Enable shortcode/oEmbed in the text widget.
And other!


English – http://wpist.me/wp/wp-total-hacks/
Japanese – http://firegoby.jp/wp/wp-total-hacks


Japanese(ja) – Takayuki Miyauchi
Italian(it_IT) – Andrea Bersi
Russian(ru_RU) – LiVsI
Turkish(tr_TR) – Serkan Algur
German(de_DE) – Felix Kern
Dutch(nl_NL) – Guy Steyaert
Chinese(zh_CN) – missingPig
Belarusian(be_BY) – Alexander Ovsov
Malay(ms_MY) – Zairul Azmil
Brazilian Portuguese(pt_BR) – Rafael Funchal
French(fr_FR) – Guillaume VASLIN
Greek(el) – George Siamidis
Slovak(sk_SK) – Branco
Persian(fa_IR) – Amir Maskani
Serbo-Croation(sr_RS) – Anja Skrba
Vietnamese(vi) – Trong
Polish(pl_PL) – Michael Skweres

You can send your own language pack to me.
Please contact to me.

http://wpist.me/ (en)
http://firegoby.theta.ne.jp/ (ja)
@miya0001 on twitter.


Takayuki Miyauchi
Felix Kern
Shuhei Nishimura

This plug-in is not guaranteed though the user of WordPress can freely use this plug-in free of charge regardless of the purpose.
The author must acknowledge the thing that the operation guarantee and the support in this plug-in use are not done at all beforehand.
email to miya[at]theta.ne.jp
twitter @miya0001