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Have you ever tried to add tables on your WordPress site? Then, you definitely know how tough it is to do the customized design for your tables. Let alone importing or exporting your large tables or making the table responsive!
Meet Ninja Tables that comes with all the solutions of the problems you face while creating tables on your posts/pages. Ninja Tables will give you an experience of making tables with any possible ways you can ever think of. Whatever you can think of with Ninja Tables, you can do it without writing a single line of code! The best part is, Ninja Tables won’t make your website a little bit slow even you have thousands of data on your table! You can create and manage tables from the admin panel quickly, effectively and easily.
If you want to try our Ninja Tables Plugin without installing you can try from this demo page. You can watch the usage demo on YouTube too.
Live Video Preview

If you have tried the demo, you can clearly understand how fast and dynamic the tables can be. That’s why we call our Ninja Tables The Easiest Table Plugin on WordPress that comes with most advanced frontend table styles, for example, Footables, Bootstrap 3, Bootstrap 4, Symmetric UI etc. Ninja Table is perfect for your product list view, make order forms, wholesale WooCommerce products and product catalogues. If you want to add pagination, sorting or filtering on your tables, Ninja Tables is perfect for you. Our Ninja Table is SEO friendly and all the contents of the table can be picked by the search engines.
Ninja Table Features
If you are worried about table styling I would say brace yourself because we are giving you the freedom to choose styles from 100+ tables styles.
We also have 3 most popular CSS libraries with unlimited color schema! The most featured styles of Ninja Tables are as follow.

SEO friendly, content of your Table picked up by search engines like google
Single Line Cells
Fixed Layout
Hover rows
Bordered table
Table Inverse
Striped rows
Compact Table
RTL Support
Data Tables
Foo Tables
Stackable Table
Bootstrap 3 Table Styles
Bootstrap 4 Table Styles
Semantic UI Table Styles
Also Table Plugin have the following Pro Features
Unlimited Table Colors and Customization
Live Connect with Google Sheets
WooCommerce Product Table
WP Posts / Any Custom Post Type Integration
Rich Media Integration with WP Table
Conditional Column Formatting
FrontEnd Table Editing
FrontEnd Table export – CSV, Print, PDF
Show data from your own custom SQL table and SQL query

Ninja Table is blazingly fast!
We care about the developers and the users. We know other plugins receive a high amount of complaints about the speed of rendering of the tables. But Ninja Tables never has the issue of loading or rendering data both on frontend and backend! Ninja Table’s backend is built on VueJs and VueRouter as SPA! That is the main reason why Ninja tables users get the smooth experience of creating tables, configuring settings, adding entries, importing from CSVs, rearranging columns etc in like less time than a blink of an eye! The frontend of the tables is even faster! We use minimal JS and CSS to load the table while we do have the AJAX with our tables so our tables can handle thousands of data without affecting the page load! Another improtant part is, the css and js files will be loaded only in the page where you add ninja tables shortcode.
Ninja Tables got an Amazing Editing Environment
We have introduced the finest feature you can ever get for editing a table which is a design studio for customizing and styling your tables with the most realtime visual changes you can see while editing and making your tables! With our Design Studio, you can set colors to the table components or do customize anything without even writing a single line of CSS! If you are worried about the responsiveness of your tables, you can visually see how your tables will look like on various devices from the design studio. Here is a quick view of how you can customize your tables with the Design Studio.
Ninja Tables are responsive
It is hard to believe that we have made all types of tables responsive! Yes, we did that critical task f making all the tables responsive for mobile devices by placing in-row expandable areas! You can control which columns you want to show what kind of device form our design studio. The amazing part is, the searching, paginations, sorting and all other features also work on the mobile devices! Trust me it is tough for the common users! Here is a demo for you.

In version 3.1.0 we have introduced Stackable Table UI where you can show each row as list view for mobile and table. Please check screenshot-2
Configure Your Ninja Tables Easily
Design Table columns and configure responsive breakpoints is faster with our user-friendly column builder that lets you re-arrange the columns easily. Also, You can specify the data type for each column like single line text, text area or HTML area where you will get WYSIWYG HTML editor.
Exporting and Importing Tables Data
I know how hard it is to type all the table data if you lose them. Millions of words need to be typed unless you have the export-import support for your tables! Surprisingly we have the best export and import features for our tables. You can export the table data into CVS or JSON format for importing later. If you are a TablePress Plugin / Ultimate Table Plugin / Supsystic Plugin user, you can also import the table data to Ninja Tables in just one single click!
Import From TablePress Plugin
If you already have tables build with TablePress Plugin then You can easily transfer the tables with one single click per table. We made the process very easy so You can enjoy the modern table experience and build your tables in no time.
Import From Ultimate Tables Plugin
If you use Ultimate Tables plugin and want to Ninja Tables then We made this process easier for you. Now You can transfer Ultimate Tables from Ninja Tables -> Import a Table -> Import From Other WP Table Plugin and select “Ultimate Tables” that will show all the Ultimate Tables. With a single click, you can transfer any table to Ninja Tables.
Import From Data Tables Generator By Supsystic Plugin
If you use Data Tables Generator by Supsystic plugin and want to Ninja Tables then We made this process easier for you. Now You can transfer Data Tables Generator by Supsystic from Ninja Tables -> Import a Table -> Import From Other WP Table Plugin and select “Data Tables Generator by Supsystic” that will show all the Supsystic Tables. With a single click, you can transfer any table to Ninja Tables.
(What’s New on 3.0.0) WP Fluent Form Integration
If you are familiar with our another extremely useful plugin Fluent Form, you will be happy to know that we have recently integrated WP Fluent Form to our Ninja Tables! We got lots of support messages about integrating Fluent Forms to Ninja Tables and we did that! You can now build your forms and add them to your tables! Yes, we just have opened the new era of customizing tables in the most amazing way! You may watch the following video to know more about the latest feature.

Build Any Type of Table
You can build any type of table using Ninja Tables. Our Users already build various types of tables using this responsive table plugin.

Data Table
Pricing Table
Amazon Affiliate Product Table
Product Comparion Table
Responsive Product Specification Table
Member List Table
Any type of Sortable and Searchable Data Table
Customer List Table
League Points Table
Sports Team Member Table with Image
Any Type of Data that need to be shown as tabular format

Blazing Fast Frontend Table Rendering
We have optimized this plugin for last 1 year and we made the plugin feature rich but we did not compromise with you page speed. Ninja Table only loads the scripts and styles on the pages where you inserted the shortcode. That means your site will not be slow. Our ajax technique load your thousands of row without slowing down your site. Our frontend javascript file is less than 4KB ( It’s true ). We are continuing to improve this plugin so you may contribute by giving us suggestions and what do you think about this plugin anytime. Our engineers will get back to you as soon as possible.
Awesome Support
Get dedicated support from our awesome happiness managers and developers and Yes! It’s completely free. All you need to do is create a support ticket from here: . Within a few hours (maximum), your problems will be solved. You can also request any features you want by creating the support tickets.
Create Dynamic WooCommerce Product Tables [Pro Feature]
Now, you don’t need to worry abouthow to create WooCommerce product tables anymore. With Ninja Tables Pro integration, you can build dynamic WooCommerce product tables from your existing WooCommerce products with just a few clicks. Your users can buy bulk amount of products from a single page with built-in cart info and checkout buttons. The information of each WooCommerce product table can be presented in the best possible professional way. Purchase Ninja Tables Pro to unlock this feature.

Let Us Know What Do You Think
We always hear our users. We have a dedicated support team. We try to integrate features that our users want. Please let us know your feedback and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
Documentation with Video
Ninja Tables Demo
Setting up a Table
Configure Responsive Breakdowns for Table
Visual Table Styling
Import Table from CSV
Export Data from a Table
Import Table from JSON file
Import Table from Table Press Plugin
WP Fluent Form Integration with Ninja Tables
What our users saying about the Best WordPress Table Plugin

Great plugin and fast helpful support
Documentation is good as a great start and the supplemental support so far has been fast and very helpful. Would happily recommend
– By @toll02
Feature Packed, Customizable and Easy To Use
I opted for this plugin over tablepress and am really glad I did. Its functionality and usability are beyond anything else i have seen.
On top of this, the support is AMAZING. Fast and professional.
By AusSimon (@aussimon)
Comparing to TablePress which is incredibly hard to use to build tables with many columns with different data types, this is a life saver. Best table plugin for WordPress so far.
– By Bob (@shallway)
Amazing time saver!
This is my Go-To app, after years of fat-fingering updates into a spread spread sheet. And then working to upload the information. Ninja Tables is a time/life saver. Very easy to use. I send my client(s) a spreadsheet, they update their rates and I import/upload these to the site. That’s it. I highly recommend!
– By RTyrell (@rtyrell)
Great Plugin, Even Better Support
This plugin is easily one of my most used plugins for my website. It is very easy to use and is packed with features. The developers are super quick to respond if you happen to run into any issues. Definitely recommend!
– By @dnobhlrjr
The New Supreme Ruler of Table Plugins

It looks good.
It loads fast.
It allows for ‘views’ without bogging down the server.
It allows for a great deal of customization.
– By @bronzeego

Ninja table is still one of the most performant plugins I use.
Ninja table is still one of the most performant plugins I use.
Many thanks to the support of Ninja table.
– By @alcapone65
Best and most flexible WP Tables Plugin
We tried a lot of plugins, but “Ninja Tables” was the only one, that fits all our needs. It’s no rocket science to create the first table and fill it up with data. Additionally it is so flexible, that you are able to move and change the table, without having to re-create the whole thing. PS: We’re using now the Pro version and it absolutely worth the price – it’s nearly a steal, for what you get.
5 ***** Stars! Great work!
– By @parkscheibe

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So, give this plugin a try and check the awesome powerful features and table styles, Let us know what you loved and what else you need more.
Contribute to Ninja Tables – Best WP DataTables Plugin
The full source code is availale on github. Feel free to report a bug report.