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WooCommerce Customizer的作者是SkyVerge,目前有50,000+个有效安装。已经Tested with 5.4.1版本的wordpress。
WooCommerce includes tons of filters to let you customize button text, labels, and more, but you have to write PHP code to use them. This plugin provides a settings page where you can add your customizations and save them without needing to write any code or modify any templates, which is helpful for quick change testing.

Requires WooCommerce 3.0.9+

Here are some customizations you can make:

Add to Cart button text for different product types (within the shop loop and on a single product page)
Sales badge text for the shop or product pages
The number of products displayed per page
Heading text for the “Product Description” and “Additional Information” tab.
Checkout page coupon / login text
Checkout page “Create Account” checkbox default
Checkout page “Submit Order” button text
Tax Label text
Placeholder image source

To make these changes, go to WooCommerce > Settings and view the “Customizer” tab.

Note: This plugin does not support being network activated on multisite. To use this on a multisite network, you must activate the plugin individually on each site.

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